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MnDOT is transitioning from the Road Design Manual (RDM) to its successor document, the Facility Design Guide (FDG). During this transition, both publications will be active and on line. You may navigate between publications using the blue button above.

As new sections of the FDG are published, the corresponding RDM material will be removed and linked references to the new material inserted in their place. If you are not already on the electronic mailing list for these documents, signing up here  will alert you to new updates as they occur.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. Thank you for bearing with us as we renew our road and street design guidance.

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01 Principles and Objectives 8/09/2023 23-04
02 Design Process and Approach 12/05/2023 23-07
03 Design Framework and Controls 12/07/2022 22-06
04 Configurations and Cross Sections 1/17/2023 23-01
05 Alignment and Superelevation 8/10/2022 22-04
06 Intersections 8/09/2023 23-04
07 Grade Separations and Interchanges
08 Non-Motorized Facilities 1/06/2022 22-01
09 Site Designs 5/30/2024 24-01
10 Roadside Design and Traffic Barriers 3/07/2023 23-03
11 Pavements 1/17/2023 23-01
12 Environmental Design 11/15/2023 23-06
13 Drainage and Erosion Control 9/27/2022 22-05
14 Bridges and Structures
15 Specialty Design Topics 5/30/2024 24-01
ALL All published chapters (right-click link, then save as…) 5/30/2024 24-01
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